The 20 Ghost Towns Of Georgia, USA

I traveled to every single city in Georgia. After my voyage, I gathered a list of ghost towns (AKA mostly abandoned towns) in this state.

While there was so much more positive that I found in my journey across Georgia, it also came with crumbling historic towns that were once lively.

Below are pictures and a video of the 20 mostly abandoned ghost towns of Georgia.

1. Kite, Georgia

Kite, Georgia

County: Johnson 

Population: 160 (2020 census) 

2. Milan, Georgia

Milan, Georgia

County: Dodge and Telfair

Population: 618 (2020 census)

3. Meigs, Georgia

Meigs, Georgia

County: Mitchell and Thomas

Population: 928 (2020 census)

4. Garfield, Georgia

Garfield, Georgia

County: Emanuel

Population: 257 (2020 census)

5. Chauncey, Georgia

Chauncey, Georgia

County: Dodge

Population: 289 (2020 census) 

6. Toomsboro, Georgia

Toomsboro, Georgia

County: Wilkinson

Population: 383 (2020 Census)

7. Kingston, Georgia

Kingston, Georgia

County: Bartow

Population: 722 (2020 census) 

8. Bartow, Georgia

Bartow, Georgia

County: Jefferson

Population: 186 (2020 census)

9. Canon, Georgia

Canon, Georgia

County: Franklin and Hart

Population: 643 (2020 census)

10. Leslie, Georgia

Leslie, Georgia

County: Sumter

Population: 344 (2020 census)

11. Pinehurst, Georgia

Pinehurst, Georgia

County: Dooly 

Population: 309 (2020 census)

12. Pitts, Georgia

Pitts, Georgia

County: Wilcox

Population: 252 (2020 census)

13. Poulan, Georgia

Poulan, Georgia

County: Worth 

Population: 760 (2020 census)

14. Rocky Ford, Georgia

Rocky Ford, Georgia

County: Screven

Population: 167 (2020 Census)

15. Sale City, Georgia

Sale City, Georgia

County: Mitchell

Population: 354 (2020 Census)

16. Siloam, Georgia

Siloam, Georgia

County: Greene

Population: 194 (2020 Census)

17. Stilson, Georgia

Stilson, Georgia

County: Bulloch

Population: N/A

18. Enigma, Georgia

Enigma, Georgia

County: Berrien

Population: 1,058 (2020 census)

19. Haralson, Georgia

Ghost Towns

County: Coweta and Meriwether

Population: 172 (2020 census) 

20. Abbeville, Georgia

Ghost Towns

County: Wilcox

Population: 2,685 (2020 census)

Full Video of Georgia’s 20 Ghost Towns

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