The 20 Ghost Towns Of Georgia, USA

I traveled to every single city in Georgia. After my voyage, I gathered a list of ghost towns (AKA mostly abandoned towns) in this state.

While there was so much more positive that I found in my journey across Georgia, it also came with crumbling historic towns that were once lively.

Below are pictures of the 20 mostly abandoned ghost towns of Georgia.

1. Kite, Georgia

Kite, Georgia

County: Johnson 

Population: 160 (2020 census) 

2. Milan, Georgia

Milan, Georgia

County: Dodge and Telfair

Population: 618 (2020 census)

3. Meigs, Georgia

Meigs, Georgia

County: Mitchell and Thomas

Population: 928 (2020 census)

4. Garfield, Georgia

Garfield, Georgia

County: Emanuel

Population: 257 (2020 census)

5. Chauncey, Georgia

Chauncey, Georgia

County: Dodge

Population: 289 (2020 census) 

6. Toomsboro, Georgia

Toomsboro, Georgia

County: Wilkinson

Population: 383 (2020 Census)

7. Kingston, Georgia

Kingston, Georgia

County: Bartow

Population: 722 (2020 census) 

8. Bartow, Georgia

Bartow, Georgia

County: Jefferson

Population: 186 (2020 census)

9. Canon, Georgia

Canon, Georgia

County: Franklin and Hart

Population: 643 (2020 census)

10. Leslie, Georgia

Leslie, Georgia

County: Sumter

Population: 344 (2020 census)

11. Pinehurst, Georgia

Pinehurst, Georgia

County: Dooly 

Population: 309 (2020 census)

12. Pitts, Georgia

Pitts, Georgia

County: Wilcox

Population: 252 (2020 census)

13. Poulan, Georgia

Poulan, Georgia

County: Worth 

Population: 760 (2020 census)

14. Rocky Ford, Georgia

Rocky Ford, Georgia

County: Screven

Population: 167 (2020 Census)

15. Sale City, Georgia

Sale City, Georgia

County: Mitchell

Population: 354 (2020 Census)

16. Siloam, Georgia

Siloam, Georgia

County: Greene

Population: 194 (2020 Census)

17. Stilson, Georgia

Stilson, Georgia

County: Bulloch

Population: N/A

18. Enigma, Georgia

Enigma, Georgia

County: Berrien

Population: 1,058 (2020 census)

19. Haralson, Georgia

Ghost Towns

County: Coweta and Meriwether

Population: 172 (2020 census) 

20. Abbeville, Georgia

Ghost Towns

County: Wilcox

Population: 2,685 (2020 census)

Full Video of Georgia’s 20 Ghost Towns

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