Extremely Compact Camping Chair | 5 Reasons I Love TCEK

Here is my full review of the TCEK comfortable compact camping chair for hiking.

There are many outdoor chairs everywhere you go whether you’re online or in a store. But most outdoor chairs don’t quite hit the mark for hikers or traveling on the go. Much like some of my other outdoor chairs, most are too large, heavy, and take up a lot of car space which is not ideal for hiking, camping, or beach trips.

With that being said, there is an outdoor chair that does hit the mark. It’s not the the cheapest, but in my opinion, worth it. So here are the 5 reasons I like the TCEK camping chair.

1. Compact & Portable

The first reason I love this chair, and most importantly for hikers, travelers, and campers, is its extremely compact size and lightweight. Unlike every outdoor chair I’ve ever known, this chair does not weigh me down, at all weighing roughly 3.5 pounds. And it’s very portable folded up, able to fit almost anywhere at only 13.4 inches long, and 3.7 inches wide.

Fits easily in my hiking backpack, and takes up significantly less space in my trunk in comparison to my other outdoor chairs. So whether I’m going on a trip with my wife or friends where the car is usually too packed for a chair, now, I can bring one. 

2. Comfort

The next reason I love this chair, it doesn’t look it because of how small it is and it’s missing a full back, but it’s actually very comfortable. When you sit down, due to its flexibility, it sinks in. It kind of reminds me of a trampoline, but I think you’ll be pretty happy with the comfort.

3. Features

The third reason I like it is its 360-degree swivel, and ability to rock makes it a good choice for the outdoors. 

4. Build Quality

One of the more important reasons I like it is its build quality. Not only is it built to withstand the outdoors including rain, and a beach, but because it’s made of sturdy rustproof aircraft-grade aluminum pipe, nylon material, and nylon fabric, it feels like it would last me a very long time.

Not to mention, the nylon is also waterproof and tear-resistant making it worthy to resist hiking, camping, and travel conditions. I just got it and used it on one extended camping trip, and I loved it. Also, and this is important, the solid rubber feet are customized for the outdoors, primarily because of their anti-slip bottom, and wear-resistant material.

5. Ease of Use

The last thing I love about this compact camping chair is how easy and convenient the setup is. Give or take, it takes roughly 8- 10 seconds to put together from the bag if you’re trying to go fast, but it’s effortless, and just overall very convenient. Hopefully, it works for you!

Compact Camping Chair

Final Thoughts | Comfortable Compact Camping Chair for Outdoors

The TCEK is a very good compact camping chair. Although it’s more expensive than the cheap outdoor chairs at the store, I believe, the comfort and compact design, are worth it. But if you’re interested in the Chattahoochee National Forest, check out that article here.

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