How To Pump Inflatable SUP With Electric Air Pump (SereneLife)

While I use the SereneLife electric air pump to automatically pump my SUP, you’ll get the gist of how to use it for every other brand, as well. The SereneLife is one of the more affordable and in my experience, reliable digital air pump compressors that’s specially designed to electronically inflate a standup paddle board (SUP) via car charger. While they also have another model with a built-in battery, the car charging option is more affordable and is the one that I use.

How To Use SereneLife To electronically Inflate Paddle Board (Via Car Charger)

  1. Roll out deflated paddle board flat
  2. Turn Car On
  3. Plug SereneLife plug into the car charging port
  4. open paddle board valve
  5. Plug and twist lock SereneLife hose into paddle board valve
  6. Click on SereneLife power button
  7. Hit the power button once to turn off once SUP reaches the preffered PSI (SereneLife display shows PSI)
  8. Twist off hose attached to the board and remove from the car battery charger

Why use an electronic air compressor for SUP

The primary why I decided to get an electronic air pump for my SUP is I knew that if I wasted countless minutes manually pumping the board every time I went out, I’ll end up not using it as often. I personally found it extremely annoying the one time I tried it manual and by the time I hit the water, my arms were already a little tired. Or maybe I just need to work out more? 

Another reason is time. As it’s already hard enough to gather the free time to paddle, an electronic air compressor saved me a bunch of time as it pumps the paddle board much quicker than manually. So rather than deeply dreading the annoyance of sitting there pumping the paddle board when I want to use it, which turns into a lower rate of me using it at all, the $50 electronic air compressor removes those inconveniences.

SereneLife air compressor 

Now if you want a full review of the air compressor that I use. Check out the article here

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