9 Landmarks of Panther Creek Falls Trail Via Upper Falls

Hike North Georgia’s Panther Creek Falls Trail Via Upper Falls. But if you add all of the split-off trails that lead to fascinating landmarks, you’re looking at one of the most difficult, but rewarding waterfall hikes in Georgia.

6.9 Miles Total (Not Including Split-Offs)
Elevation Gain | 711 ft
Trail Address

On the northeastern region of Georgia, Panther Creek Falls Trail Via Upper Falls is located near the neat small town of Clarkesville. Getting to the trailhead is rather easy without any dirt roads. Also located to the north is Tallulah Gorge, one of Georgia’s 7 natural wonders.

Panther Creek Falls Trail

There are 2 ways to go about this trail; the easier way without taking any splitoffs. Or the much more difficult and much more rewarding way taking every split-off trail where each one leads to its own landmark.

Panther Creek Falls Trail Via Upper Falls Trail | The Hiking Trail

Not including Upper Falls and Panther Creek, there are 7 additional landmarks. A few examples include smaller waterfalls, extended bending rapids, a massive boulder on the river near a small waterfall, a beach, etc. In order, the landmarks on this trail are Playing in the Sand Falls, Back Porch, Panthers Den Campsite, Big Bubba’s Bend, Hidden Rock Next To Sliding Falls, Pride Rock, Reckless Way, Upper Falls, and Panther Creek Falls. If you want to see each landmark and the name specifically, see the video below.

Hiking trails near Panther Creek Falls Trail Via Upper Falls

In case you’re interested in an adventure near the area. Check out Tallulah Gorge here!

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