Which Water Shoes Are The Best? | Seekway vs. UBFEN

In this article, I’m reviewing and comparing two of some of the highest-rated water shoe pairs on Amazon trying to figure out which water shoes are the best. The Ubfen which is the first pair I owned, and the Seekway which is my newer pair.


Sole Material:RubberRubber
Upper Material:SpandexRubber
Drainage Holes:811
Color Options:YesYes
Toe Protection:YesYes
Cushioned Tongue:YesNo
Treaded Bottom:YesYes
Which Water Shoes Are The Best? Seekway
Which Water Shoes Are The Best? Ubfen


To start off with a few similarities, both the Seekway and Ubfen are unisex, provide roughly equal bottom treading for anti-slip capabilities, have a rubber sole, rubber toe protection, are extremely flexible, waterproof (obviously), and come in various colors and sizes to choose from.


Between the two, the Seekway is definitely more comfortable than the Ubfen. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the Ubfen, it’s just the Seekway is one of the few water shoes on the market with the upper part mostly made with comfy spandex and has a cushioned top (below the shoe tongue).

On the flip side, the Ubfen is made of mostly rubber and doesn’t provide a cushioned adjustable top. I would also go as far as to say the Seekway shoes are some of the most comfortable on the market. But while the rubber build of the Ubfen isn’t as comfy, it does seem more durable which brings us to build quality.

Build Quality

Before going any further, let me just say that the build of both pairs is very good. However, each has its own strengths. So as I said, the Ubfen seems like it has a tougher upper body while the Seekway has a tougher and thicker sole.

Some might prefer one more than the other, but in my experience, it’s more important to have a more robust sole. I say that because in most scenarios near or around water you’ll most likely be walking on rocks, shells, or harsh surfaces.

But because of the Seekway’s thicker sole, the Ubfen is more flexible and slightly lighter. However, I consider both to be lightweight. Another thing worth mentioning is the Ubfen laces are thicker and seem more durable, as well.

Drainage & Dry

So which water shoes are the best at draining water and drying? The Seekway has 8 drainage holes on the bottom side while the Ubfen has 11. So you would think that the Ubfen drains quicker.

However, I did a test. I soaked both shoes under water at the same time for the same amount of time, took them out, and left both of them to dry. To my surprise, the Seekway dried up quicker. This is because Seekway’s spandex material is simply more breathable than Ubfen’s rubber.

Of The Two, Which Water Shoes Are The Best?

So between the Seekway vs. UBFEN, which water shoes are the best? In conclusion, the Seekway is our winner because of its incredible comfort, drainage capabilities, drying speed, and boosted sole protection.

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