The Chimneys Via Mountains-To-Sea Trail | My Favorite Linville Hike

Hike The Chimneys Via Mountains-To-Sea Trail in North Carolina’s Linville Gorge traversing & boulder hopping the rim near the heart of the gorge.

1.7 Miles Total
Our Scenery Rating 9.1/10
Trail Address 

The drive to the trailhead consists of a moderately long and timely stretch on a dirt road. While it’s not too many miles once the dirt road begins, the slower drive adds time. Towards the end of the dirt road after passing many trails, you’ll find yourself at a parking lot atop a hill that provides two hikes; Table Rock Mountain Trail and The Chimneys.

The Chimneys Via Mountains-To-Sea Trail

The Chimneys is one of the most epic hikes I’ve ever done. About halfway through, you’ll find yourself trekking one of the main rims of Linville Gorge.

The Chimneys Via Mountains-To-Sea | The Hiking Trail

On your way, to your left, you’ll be amazed by breathtaking views of the heart within the gorge along with a plethora of mountains surrounding you in the distance.

This hike is extremely adventurous with amazing views along the way. Of every hike I’ve done thus far, it reminds me of being in the movie Lord Of The Rings the most!

Hiking trails near The Chimneys Via Mountains-To-Sea

In case you’re interested in an adventure near the Chimneys Via Mountains-To-Sea Trail, Check out Table Rock Trail in the same parking lot here.

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