Hiking Sittons Gulch at Cloudland Canyon State Park

Hike North Georgia’s Sittons Gulch on the floor of Cloudland Canyon amongst the vast boulders carved from the canyon throughout the years.

4.8 Miles Total
Elevation Gain | 1,017 ft
Trail Address

Sitton’s Gulch Trail, nestled within the floor of Cloudland Canyon, offers a captivating journey through one of Georgia’s natural wonders. This trail, known for its intriguing boulder-strewn path, takes hikers on a scenic adventure amidst the canyon’s unique landscape, showcasing countless boulders sculpted by the passage of time.

Sittons Gulch

Sitton’s Gulch Trail, approximately 4.8 miles round trip, beckons hikers to explore the floor of Cloudland Canyon. The trail unveils a dynamic terrain marked by the presence of boulders, each telling a story of the canyon’s geological evolution.

Sittons Gulch Trail

As you traverse Sitton’s Gulch Trail, be prepared for a fascinating encounter with an array of boulders scattered along the path. These massive rock formations, shaped over the years by natural forces, provide a striking contrast to the lush greenery that surrounds the trail. The boulders stand as silent witnesses to the canyon’s history, creating a captivating tableau for hikers to appreciate.

Hiking trails near Sittons Gulch

In case you’re interested in an adventure near the area. Check out Cloudland Canyons West Rim Loop here.

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