West Rim Loop Trail at Cloudland Canyon State Park | Amazing Views

Hike North Georgia’s West Rim Loop Trail for the best view of the notable rockface of Cloudland Canyon.

4.7 Miles Total
Elevation Gain | 744 ft
Trail Address

Located in Northwest Georgia, Cloudland Canyon State Park boasts the West Rim Loop, a hiking trail that promises breathtaking vistas and an immersive experience along the canyon’s edge. This trail, known for hugging the canyon’s rim, offers numerous overlooks and culminates in one of the best views in Georgia, a sprawling panorama of the main rock face of Cloudland Canyon.

West Rim Loop

The West Rim Loop at Cloudland Canyon State Park is a trail enthusiast’s dream, providing a short but rewarding journey through diverse landscapes. Approximately 4.8 miles in length, this loop offers a moderate hike that showcases the natural beauty of the canyon’s rim.

What sets the West Rim Loop apart is its series of scenic overlooks, each unveiling a unique perspective of the canyon’s rugged beauty. Hikers can pause along the trail to enjoy panoramic views, capturing the grandeur of the canyon’s rock formations, lush forests, and winding creek below.

West Rim Loop Trail | The Hiking Trail

The trail is the large overlook that presents one of the best views in Georgia. This vantage point offers an expansive and unobstructed sightline of the main rock face of Cloudland Canyon. The sheer majesty of the canyon’s intricate formations, bathed in sunlight or adorned with the warm hues of sunset, creates a visual spectacle that lingers in the memory.

Hiking trails near West Rim Loop

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