Hiking Brasstown Bald Trail | Georgia’s Tallest Mountain at 4,784 ft

Hike North Georgia’s tallest mountain at Brasstown Bald. The path is short by only 0.7 miles one way on a steep incline from a paved trail. The peak has a vast man-made overlook featuring a museum and mini-movie theatre showcasing a Brasstown Bald documentary.

1.4 Miles Total
Elevation Gain | 426 ft
Trail Address

As the highest point in Georgia, Brasstown Bald stands as a pinnacle of outdoor adventure, offering a trail that winds through the heart of the Chattahoochee National Forest. Let’s delve into the allure of the Brasstown Bald Trail and discover why it is a must-see adventure along with the overlook and museum atop.

Brasstown Bald

The Brasstown Bald Trail, approximately 0.7 miles in length, invites hikers to ascend to the summit of Brasstown Bald, reaching an elevation of 4,784 feet. This well-maintained trail provides a relatively short yet invigorating hike, rewarding visitors with panoramic views that stretch across multiple states on a clear day.

The journey begins amidst the cool embrace of the forest, where the trail meanders through a canopy of towering trees. Native flora, including rhododendrons and mountain laurels, adds pops of color to the landscape, creating a picturesque setting that changes with the seasons.

As hikers ascend, the forest gradually gives way to open meadows, revealing sweeping views of the surrounding mountains. The trail’s thoughtful design ensures that each turn provides a glimpse of the beauty that awaits at the summit.

Brasstown Bald Trail | Hiking Georgia’s Tallest Mountain

At the summit, hikers are greeted by a remarkable 360-degree panorama that unfolds across the Appalachian Mountains. However, on a cloudy, be prepared to see absolutely nothing (see the video below).

The vista encompasses the rolling hills of North Georgia, the verdant valleys below, and a vast expanse that stretches into North Carolina and Tennessee. On clear days, the distant peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains are visible, creating a breathtaking scene that captures the essence of the Southern Appalachian region. The observation tower at the summit provides an elevated platform for visitors to soak in the full grandeur of the landscape.

Adjacent to the trailhead, the Brasstown Bald Visitor Center serves as an informative gateway to the natural and cultural history of the region. Exhibits and displays educate visitors about the unique ecosystems of the Appalachian Mountains and the significance of Brasstown Bald in Native American history.


One of the notable aspects of the Brasstown Bald Trail is its accessibility. The paved trail and well-constructed steps make the hike manageable for visitors of varying fitness levels. Benches strategically placed along the route offer moments of respite for those looking to take in the surroundings at a leisurely pace.

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