Hazli Matrix Air Cell Review | Memory Foam Camping Mattress

In this article, I’m going to review the Hazli Matrix Air which is one of Amazon’s most popular memory foam camping mattresses. Like all portable camping mattresses, you can use them for other reasons like guests coming over to your home, car camping, or traveling in general.


You can get this mattres in four separate sizes; Kids size at 62 x 26, single at 75 x 30, twin size which is what I have at 75 x 36, and the twin XL at 80 x 40. All of them are 3 inches thick but the twin XL is 4 inches thick.

I have the 36-inch wide twin size since I prefer more space but if I’m with my wife it fits both of us nicely.


The mattress is made with 2/3 high-density base support foam with the upper 1/3 layer made with memory foam. In my opinion, it’s honestly very comfortable, and depending on how you like your mattress, it’s not too firm.

However, I’m not a huge fan of the top material as it kind of feels like a standard sleeping bag. Overall, I give the comfort an 8.5 out of 10.

Build Quality

The overall build quality of this mattress is great. Not only does it feel like it’s built to last, but you’ll also like that it’s completely waterproof, has slip-resistant bottom treading, has a machine-washable cover, and has an attached pocket for smaller items.

How To Fold Up

  1. Lay the separate straps on the ground unbuckled
  2. Lay the mattress on top of the straps (right-side up)
  3. Roll the mattress up tightly
  4. Buckle the buckles

It also comes with a carry case that you can use, as well. Unfortunately for this mattress, the buckles are not integrated on the bottom of the pad, unlike my better habitat mattress which I also have a review on here.


The weight of the twin-size mattress is roughly 13 pounds. While it’s certainly not light and the most portable thing to take on extended hiking trips, this pad is actually one of the lighter twin-size camping mattresses on the market.


  • Straps not built-in
  • The large body makes it hard to travel with

Summary | Hazli Matrix Air

Overall, I think the Hazli Matrix Air Cell is a great option if you want quality sleep on a camping trip or travel. I hope this article helped and thank you for reading!

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