Most Comfortable Portable Mattress | Waterproof Roll Out Memory Foam For Camping

In this article, I’m going to review the BETTER HABITAT CertiPUR-US. Not only do I believe that it’s the most comfortable portable mattress for camping, but it provides other essential benefits, as well.



There are two versions of this memory mattress. You can get the single which is 75 inches long, 3 inches thick, and 25 inches wide; and the twin which is the same but wider at 36 inches.

I have the twin size since I prefer more space to sleep on. Also, considering the added width helps me sleep better, it makes my camping or travel adventures more enjoyable, having a better night of sleep.


Now, everyone’s opinion on comfort obviously differs. But in my honest opinion, no portable mattress or sleeping bag of any kind comes close to the comfort it provides. The 100% memory foam with a 3-inch thickness makes it as comfortable as many beds that I’ve tried.

The incredible comfort also motivates me to camp out more often. But not only that. You can also use this for staying at a friend’s house or guests at your home.

Build Quality

The inside consists of 100% memory foam, giving it remarkable comfort. But campers will very be pleased with its durable build fully waterproof cotton terry sheet. However, the best way to find out its waterproof capabilities is to test it. See the video below on the water test.

How To Use

Unlike the hassle of just about every blow-up mattress on the market, the BETTER HABITAT CertiPUR-US is literally effortless to use. You simply unclip each clip, and the bed rolls out easily. Especially if you’ve been hiking or traveling all day, the quick rollout is very convenient.

Furthermore, rolling it back up is also quick and straightforward. All you have to do is roll it up and clip it. The folding-up process takes roughly 10 seconds at average speed, while rolling it out takes roughly 5 seconds. Overall, this portable mattress is drastically more convenient than any sleeping bag or portable blow-up mattress that I’ve ever used by a long shot.


While the comfortable thick padding a massive size provides excellent sleep quality, the downside coming with it is its weight a roughly 17 pounds. If you prefer a little less weight and could do without the added width of 36 inches, you might be better off with the single. It’s a bit cheaper, as well.


  • Weight of 17 pounds
  • Large body, making it harder than average for portability
  • Travel bag doesn’t have the best build quility


Overall, the BETTER HABITAT CertiP is a phenomenal choice if you want arguably the most comfortable portable floor mattress that’s easy to fold out and fold up. We highly recommend it for camping and travel adventures.

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