Great Place To Hike Near Atlanta | Sweetwater Creek Red & White Trail Loop

Hike near Atlanta, Georgia at Sweetwater Creek State Park. Take the historic red trail along whitewater rapids to the ruins of the New Manchester Mill burned by the Union in the Civil War. Unrevitalised since then, you’ll get to see how it was ever since.

5.1 Miles Total Loop
Elevation Gain | 729 ft
Trail Address

This adventure takes you back in time to the Civil War. Along the scenic Sweetwater Creek, you’ll find all sorts of wildlife that’s usually rare to see in the urban area near Atlanta. In the summer months, people are usually sitting around the creek hanging out.

Sweetwater Creek
New Manchester Mill burned by sherman in the Civil War

From the Red trail, the hike takes you to the New Manchester Mill that was burned by the Union in 1864 during Sherman’s march. It was said that the mill made Confederate uniforms. Before that, just a textile mill.

Sweetwater Creek Trail | The Hiking Trail

Once you reach the mill, you’ll see that pictures don’t give it justice. This is the largest Civil War-era ruins of a mill I’ve seen so far in Georgia. It had a total of 5 stories, and in places, it appears you could still see some of the burn marks.

The suburbs of Atlanta have a few historic trails and this one is one of my favorites. I recommend it for those looking for a great trail near Atlanta, history buffs, and people who love a vast creek with visible wildlife.

Hiking trails near Sweetwater Creek

In case you’re interested in an adventure near the area. Check out the, also historic, Vickery Creek trail to Roswell Mill here.

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