Georgia’s 3 Amazing Canyons Explained | Hiking & Camping

Funny enough, most people in this wonderful southern state probably haven’t even heard of at least one of these 3 Georgia Canyons. And if you haven’t been, I highly recommend a visit to each one.

They provide overlooks at the parking deck, stunning hiking, camping opportunities, 2 of them have waterfalls, and one of them has a waterslide waterfall.

Cloudland Canyon


Cloudland Canyon

First and foremost, on the northwestern tip of the state, Cloudland Canyon. Of the three this is the widest of the three canyons and arguably the most underrated.

It offers 3 awesome hiking trails; The Waterfalls Trail which takes you from the top down within the canyon leading to 2 epic waterfalls and back up, Sittons Gulch Trail through the center of the canyon showcasing various boulders torn from the canyon throughout the river, and West Rim which hugs the western rim of the canyon leading to the notable rock face of the canyon.

Along with standard campsites, it also provides 10 yurts, 16 cabins, 13 backcountry campsites, and RV camping, as well. I also, heard of a friend going to a wedding there. So, if you visit and like it enough, you can also get married here!

Providence Canyon

Canyons in Georgia

Providence Canyon

Next up, in the western middle part of the state is the very unique and mysterious Providence Canyon. But why is this canyon so much more different than almost every other canyon out there? Well, it’s because Providence Canyon is actually kind of man-made.

Poor farming practices led to land erosion of soft sandy soils creating gullies that were further eroded by rainfall and runoff. Over time, these Gullies were carved out into the canyon, many by streams. Thus, the creation of one of the very few mostly man-made canyon.

Beside aside of its odd creation, providence canyon make an outstanding hiking trail leading you to various canyons within. You’ll also like the various colors of the soils and sands showcased throughout the way. But be weary of the edge, as the erosion here happens quickly.

Tallulah Gorge

Canyons in Georgia

Tallulah Gorge

Last but not least, on the north easter edge of the state, the magnificent, Tallulah Gorge. But unlike the other two, this place has an epic suspension bridge you can cross over the canyon.

While you’re able to cross the notable bridge for both hikes, one of them leads to hurricane falls and up to various lookouts atop the canyon, and the floor gorge hike takes you down through the floor gorge to a sliding waterfall. It looks dangerous, but it’s much safer than it looks.

However, the floor gorge hike requires a permit. And since they only give out roughly 100 a day, since it’s first come first serve, your best bet is to arrive at 7:30 which is 30 minutes before they open, to secure a permit. But the early wake up, is more than worth it!

But aside from that, if I had to choose, I would say Tallulah Gorge is the most beautiful in autumn while cloudland canyon has the best sight overall. As for Providence canyon, it’s definatly the most unique and for some reason, we probably got luckily, but the people down there seemed, extremely friendly.

Summary | Canyons in Georgia, USA

Overall, the three amazing canyon in Georgia are certainly worth a visit. Even though they’re spread out across Georgia, luickily, hiking is mostly free. And as for camping, a very cost effective and arguably a more fun way to travel. Thank you so much for reading, have a blessed day.

Also, North Georgia has many hiking trails such as mountains and waterfalls. Here’s an article of the hike to Georgia’s largest waterfall.

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