Dry Bags vs. Zippered Dry Back Packs | 4 Reasons I Prefer A Reliable Zippered Dry Pack For Kayak Trips

In this article, I’m going to explain the 4 reasons why I prefer using reliable zippered dry back packs for my SUP and kayak trips.

4 Reasons I Prefer A Zippered Dry Backpack Than A Standard Dry Bag

1. Convenience

It’s so much easier to open and close a zippered pack than a standard roll-up dry bag. With a dry bag, you need to unbuckle, unroll, get what you need, push the excess air out, roll up, and buckle. Whereas a zippered dry bag is just like a backpack, unzip, get what you want zip it up. In other words, getting stuff out of a dry bag is more annoying. A zippered backpack is not.

2. Time-Saving

It saves a lot of time getting what you want from a zippered dry backpack considering the fewer steps to open and close it. And the last thing anyone wants to do while kayaking, paddle boarding, or on a jet ski is waste time.

3. Organization

Not all, but most zippered dry backs packs like my Remote Design’s offers various compartments to organize your stuff. On the other hand, most standard dry bags are exactly what they’re called, a bag. No compartments for organization.

4. Less Water Penetration If Submerged Under Water

For both my dry bag and dry zippered backpack, I tested to see if any water was able to leak through after fully submerging it under water. What I found was my Remote Designs zippered dry backpack didn’t allow any water penetration whatsoever while the drybag had a small amount of leakage.

The 2 Benefits Of A Standard Dry Bag

1. More Affordable

The one benefit a standard dry bag offers over a zippered dry backpack is they’re much cheaper. If you don’t mind the inconvenience and just need an affordable drybag that works, the one I use is the Earth Pak. It’s cheap, comes in a few different sizes, and does its job.

2. More Compact

You can roll the dry bag and it hardly takes up any space at all. Where as you generally can’t do that with a zippered dry backpack.

Summary | Dry Bags vs. Zippered Dry Back Packs

So overall, if you just need a cheap bag to keep a few things dry and don’t care about anything else, you might be better off with a dry bag. Everyone else who values time, organization, conveniance, and don’t want any water penetration in case your pack gets submerged, you’ll benefit from a dry zippered backpack.

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