Does A Zippered Dry Backpack Work? Testing Remote Designs!

Rather than a standard dry bag that rolls up and buckles, there are also dry backpacks on the market that are zippered. In general, a zippered dry backpack is more convenient, time-saving, and offers more organization than standard dry bags. But do they really work? 

So I can’t speak on other zippered dry backpacks, but in this article, I’m testing my personal zippered dry backpack, the Remote Designs.

And before we start, I’m not sponsored or an affiliate with Remote Designs. Let’s begin!

Water Proof Testing 

I gave this dry backpack 3 separate water tests. Rain, floating in a river if it falls off, and submerging it 3 feet underwater for a few minutes.

  • Rain Test: No water penetrated
  • Water Floating Test: No water penetrated
  • Water Submerge Test: No water penetrated

I did this same test with a standard dry bag. The drybag didn’t allow any water penetration either besides during the submerging test where there was a little leakage.

Other Reasons Why I Like The Remote Designs Zippered Dry Back Pack

Impact Resistance

Made with 1680D TPU, this backpack is extremely durable and more impact-resistant compared to other dry bags.

Overall Convenience Of A Zippered Backpack

Zippered backpacks in general are more convenient and easier to use than a standard dry bag.


Lastly, this pack offers many compartments of various sizes to help organize everything you bring. Whereas standard dry bags don’t have any extra compartments.

Summary | Does A Zippered Dry Backpack Work?

So along with knowing that a zippered dry backpack works incredibly well, I highly recommend the Remote Designs dry back pack. In case a zippered dry backpack is out of your budget and you just need a standard dry bag at an affordable price, see our dry bag review here.

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