Cochran Creek Falls Trail in North Georgia

Hike North Georgia’s Cochran Creek Falls to Georgia’s 2nd Largest waterfall tied with Caledonia Cascade.

4.4 Miles Total
Elevation Gain | 521 ft
Trail Address

Within the untamed wilderness of Georgia, Cochran Creek Falls stands as a testament to the rugged beauty and captivating allure of the state’s natural wonders. As the second-largest waterfall in Georgia, Cochran Creek Falls beckons adventurous hikers to embark on a challenging journey through dense woodlands, rocky terrain, and steep ascents to witness the breathtaking cascade, where the promise of an awe-inspiring reward awaits those who dare to conquer the difficulty of the trail.

Cochran Creek Falls

The trailhead to Cochran Creek Falls marks the beginning of an adventure fraught with challenges, weaving through the enchanting yet demanding landscapes of Georgia’s backcountry. The trail is characterized by rugged terrain, steep inclines, and sections that require both determination and skill. Hikers should prepare for an arduous journey as they ascend toward the elusive beauty of Cochran Creek Falls.

Cochran Creek Falls Trail | The Hiking Trail

The path to Cochran Creek Falls demands a surefooted approach as hikers navigate rocky surfaces and uneven terrain. Primarily for the off beaten path terrain towards the end, sturdy hiking boots with proper ankle support become essential, providing stability and protection against the challenges posed by the rocky landscape. Each step is a deliberate maneuver, requiring focus and resilience.

As the trail progresses, hikers encounter steep ascents and descents that add an extra layer of difficulty to the journey. These sections demand physical endurance and mental fortitude, testing the limits of hikers as they ascend toward the elusive waterfall. The inclines offer glimpses of the surrounding wilderness, creating both moments of exhaustion and inspiration.

For those who persevere through the trail’s difficulty, Cochran Creek Falls unveils itself as a decent reward but not you’re not able to view the entirety of the falls. Only the lower falls and upper falls can be viewed separately. The cascading waters, plummeting from towering cliffs, create a breathtaking tableau. The natural amphitheater formed by the rocky surroundings enhances the immersive experience, making the arduous journey worthwhile for those who relish the challenge.

Hiking trails near Cochran Creek Falls

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