Can Kayaks Be Stored Outside Long Term?

As we all know, kayaking is one of life’s gems as many are relatively affordable and extremely fun. But considering their large size, most people don’t have additional garage space. So can you store your kayak outside?

In short, yes kayaks can be stored outside long term as long as you live in a mild climate and they’re protected from the sun. A few examples will be in a covered porch or under a deck. And for added protection from the weather, I recommend Kayak covers as you see in the picture below.

Kayaks Be Stored Outside

Sun Damage To Kayaks

So why hide your kayak from the sun? Aren’t they in direct sunlight almost every time you’re out kayaking? Including mine, most kayaks are made of polyethylene which is prone to sun damage after long and consistent exposure.

UV rays from the sun break down plastics over time. But the worst most people experience from many kayak day trips is the color slightly fades after a few years. If you want to go the extra mile to keep your kayak safe from the sun, you can get UV protection for plastic kayaks.

Storing Your Kayak in Winter

The combination of both moisture and extremely cold temperatures for extended periods can possibly shorten the longevity of your kayak. Snow and ice alone can crack the plastic of your boat. So not only is covering and keeping your kayak under deck going to protect it from the sun but also in the winter.

Nowhere To Hide Your Kayak From Weather Or Sun?

But what if you don’t have a porch or deck to store your kayak under? So there are two simple and affordable options.

Get portable kayak stands where instead of having your kayak sit right-side up, flip it upside down. After that, cover it with a tarp. Keeping them stored upside down protects the most vulnerable part which is the topside.

In case you’re worried about animals getting inside of your kayak when storing it like this since rodents look for warmth in the wintertime, you can add the kayak cover for the topside, as well.

Summary | Can Kayaks Be Stored Outside

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