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Hike to the center of Linville Gorge to Babel Tower in North Carolina. This trek showcases the amazing old-growth forest of the Pisgah National Forest. The end is a rocky tower leading to a picturesque view centered on the gorge.

2.4 Miles Total
872ft Elevation Gain
Trail Address

Nestled within the rugged wilderness of Linville Gorge, the Babel Tower Trail beckons adventurous hikers to explore the depths of one of the Southeast’s most stunning and unspoiled landscapes. This trail not only offers a challenging trek through an old-growth forest but also culminates in a breathtaking view that unveils the grandeur of Linville Gorge itself. Let’s embark on a virtual journey to discover the allure of the Babel Tower Trail and the remarkable scenery it unveils within the heart of Linville Gorge.

Babel Tower Trail

The Babel Tower Trail, approximately 4 miles round trip, offers a rugged yet rewarding hiking experience. Located within the Linville Gorge Wilderness area in North Carolina, this trail meanders through a pristine old-growth forest, providing hikers with an immersive encounter with the untouched beauty of the Southern Appalachians.

One of the defining features of the Babel Tower Trail is its passage through an old-growth forest, a rare and precious ecosystem that has remained largely undisturbed for centuries. Towering hardwoods, including ancient oaks and hemlocks, create a cathedral-like canopy that filters sunlight, casting a dappled glow on the forest floor. The trail winds through this living museum of biodiversity, where towering trees stand as silent witnesses to the passage of time.

Babel Tower Trail | Linville Gorge, NC

As hikers ascend along the trail, the landscape gradually changes, offering intermittent glimpses of the gorge below. The trail itself is challenging, with steep ascents and rocky terrain, demanding both endurance and attentiveness. However, the effort is generously rewarded.

The climax of the Babel Tower Trail is the breathtaking vista from Babel Tower Overlook. Perched on the edge of Linville Gorge, this overlook provides a panoramic view of the gorge’s rugged cliffs, the meandering Linville River, and the surrounding wilderness. The expansive vista showcases the sheer scale and natural beauty of Linville Gorge, earning it a place among the most awe-inspiring viewpoints in the region.

Hiking trails near Babel Tower

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