Anna Ruby Falls Hiking Trail near German Town Helen, Georgia

Hike North Georgia’s Anna Ruby Falls Trail for one of the most scenic but short half-mile stretches to 150-foot twin waterfalls.

0.9 Miles Total
219 Elevation Gain
Trail Address

Nestled within the verdant embrace of the Chattahoochee National Forest in Georgia, the journey to Anna Ruby Falls is a spellbinding adventure that combines the beauty of a dual waterfall cascade with the tranquility of a woodland escape. Hiking to Anna Ruby Falls is not merely a physical excursion; it’s an immersion into the serene melodies of nature, the refreshing coolness of cascading water, and the allure of Georgia’s picturesque landscapes.

Anna Ruby Falls

The trail to Anna Ruby Falls begins at the Visitor Center, where hikers embark on a scenic journey along the Trail. This paved trail, approximately 0.4 miles in length, winds through lush woodlands, creating an accessible path for adventurers of various ages and abilities. As hikers meander along Smith Creek, the symphony of rustling leaves and babbling water sets the stage for the grand reveal awaiting at the trail’s culmination.

Anna Ruby Falls is a rare gem that showcases the harmonious convergence of Curtis Creek and York Creek. These two distinct watercourses join forces, creating a breathtaking spectacle as they plunge over towering cliffs to form the twin waterfalls that define Anna Ruby Falls. The combination of Curtis Creek’s 153-foot cascade and York Creek’s 50-foot descent results in a mesmerizing display of natural beauty.

Anna Ruby Falls Trail | Hiking Georgia

The trail isn’t merely a conduit to a captivating water display; it’s also a journey through a botanical wonderland. The lush forest that flanks the trail features a diverse array of flora, including vibrant wildflowers, ferns, and moss-covered rocks. During spring and summer, the trail is adorned with the blossoms of native plants, creating a vivid tapestry of colors and scents.

Anna Ruby Falls Trail is designed with accessibility in mind, making it an ideal destination for families, nature enthusiasts, and individuals of varying physical abilities. The paved surface ensures a smooth and comfortable journey, while the moderate length of the trail allows for an enjoyable outdoor experience without excessive exertion.

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