7 Historic Hikes to Ruins in Georgia (Civil War, Mansions, Mystery)

Anywhere between paper mills burned by Sherman in the Civil War, ancient unsolved mysteries, island mansions, to abandoned ghost towns; Georgia has many amazing trail hikes to ruins.

1. Sweetwater Creek

Hikes to Ruins

sweetwater creek

Hike near Atlanta, Georgia at Sweetwater Creek State Park. Take the historic red trail along whitewater rapids to the ruins of the New Manchester Mill burned by the Union in the Civil War. Unrevitalised since then, you’ll get to see how it has been ever since.

5.1 Miles Total Loop
Elevation Gain | 729 ft
Trail Address

2. High Falls

Hikes to Ruins

Hike North Georgia’s Historic & Tranquil Trails Loop at High Falls State Park in Jackson, Georgia. This trail takes you to the largest waterfall in Georgia that’s south of Atlanta called High Falls. You’ll also find ruins of the abandoned Ghost Town along the way including the broken Olde Alabama Bridge, Grist Mill, and the powerhouse.

Miles Total | 4.1
Elevation Gain | 423 ft
Trail Address

3. Vickery Creek Roswell Mill

Hikes to Ruins

Hike the suburbs of Atlanta To the Historic Roswell Mill on Vickery Creek Trail to a large dam, and historic ruins burned in the Civil War.

3.4 Miles Total
Elevation Gain | 377 ft
Trail Address

4. Historic Banning Mills

Hikes to Ruins

Banning Mills is located in a gorge in the middlewestern part of Georgia.

5. Sope Creek

Hike North Georgia’s Sope Creek Trail From Paper Mill Road to the historic Civil War ruins of a mill burned by the Union. Located in Marrieta, this is one of the more popular hikes and biking trails close to Atlanta.

2.7 Miles Total
255ft Elevation
Trail Address

6. Fort Mountain

Hike North Georgia’s Stone Wall, Stone Tower, and West Overlook Trails at Fort Mountain State Park to the strange unsolved mystery at the top which is the stone wall. Nobody knows who created it, why, or when it was made. This trail also showcases the historic fire tower, and amazing summit view of West Overlook. In the short 1.5-mile span, it’s certainly an action-packed trail.

7. Dungeness Mansion in Cumberland Island

Hikes to Ruins

As of now, nearing the end of 2023, Cumberland Island is the most adventurous and overall fulfilling hike I’ve done for a few reasons; It offers various landscape changes, has more wildlife than usual, is far from urban areas, has a fascinating American history including the Dungeness abandoned mansion ruins, and has a the mystery of the wild horses. One of the best hikes to ruins in Georgia.

Final Thoughts | Georgia Hikes to Ruins

Hopefully, the 7 hikes to ruins in Georgia helped! Highly recommend a visit. If you’re interested in the video for Cumberland Island mansion ruins, see that here. Rather read about the historic trail to Tennessee’s Sunset Rock? See that here.

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