5 Things You Need Long SUP Trip’s

Unfortunately for paddle boards, they’re more limited with storage space compared to kayaks. Aside from the absolute obvious being a paddle, and the pump for an inflatable SUP, there are 5 essential items to bring on your paddleboard of limited room for a long SUP trip.

These items are also important for shorter treks. But the further the trip, the more crucial they become. And for some, the reasons these items are essential to go a little deeper than what you would originally think, which I’ll explain below.

1. Life Jacket

Now here me out. You need a life jacket for SUP trips not only because everyone at all times needs a life jacket, but also because most paddle boards are inflatable. And while most inflatable SUP boards are abnormally durable and rarely lose air or pop, you can’t take a chance like that.

Depending on where you go, some people don’t wear the jacket as they keep the vest in sight in case of a SUP puncture. Especially if you’re in the middle of a vast lake or ocean. You also want to make sure it’s a reliable brand that’s a coast guard approved vest. The one I use is the Onyx.

2. CamelBak

Camelbak is a water bladder that carries a large amount of water and is carried on your back like a backpack. It also has a convenient hose making it easy to sip water from.

I assure you, based on experience, you don’t want to bring bottles of water. They will either fall off or get in your way. Not to mention, stopping the paddle to kneel down, open the bottle, sip it without accidentally falling off, close it, and put it back in its place which is partially in the way; is a hell of a lot harder than sipping the hose near your bicep.

A CamelBaks makes the long voyage much easier, and more enjoyable. Most can carry a significant amount of water. But in the case where you run out of water with your CamelBak, it’s better to be safe than sorry with a portable mini water filter. This leads us to the next item…

3. Water Filter

You might think that you packed a day’s worth of water. But between the direct sun and exercise being the consistent paddling, you will run out of water much faster than you think. Thus, a portable water filter is absolutely needed for an extended.

There are many you can choose from, but for a variety of reasons, I bring LifeStraw. It’s compact, fits nicely in my Camelbak, and removes 99.999% of waterborne bacteria, parasites, and microplastics. It removes turbidity down to 0.2 micron, which is barely anything. It’s extremely lightweight, works well, is reliable, and is very affordable.

4. Phone Case

Next up, is a phone case. Of course, many people want to bring their phones for pictures. But in case of an emergency, you’re going to need your phone working properly.

You don’t want your annoyingly expensive phone to break because you lost your balance and fell in the water while it was in your pocket. Or it waves come up on the paddle boards surface where the phone is laying.

I highly recommend bringing a phone case. They’re cheap.

5. Emergency Whistle

Last but not least, especially if your SUP trip is in an area with boats, an emergency whistle is needed. Not just because if you’re in trouble, but possibly the more probable reason you’ll need one is to warn incoming boats or jet skis that are getting too close and don’t see you.

Granted, these boats and jet skis are going to need an extremely loud whistle. This is why I recommend the LuxoGear that’s extremely loud that gets up to 120 decibels. To save room on your SUP and not have everything scattered, you can tie it to your life vest or CamelBak. As long as it’s in reach at all times.

Summary Of What To Bring On A Long SUP Trip

So those are the 5 most needed items for a long standup paddleboard trip based on my experience. But if it’s too cold to paddle and you’re in the mood to hike, see our 3 items to bring on a hike.

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