3 Historic Landmarks of Big Ferry Loop | Hiking Savannah, GA

Hike North Georgia’s Big Ferry Loop Historic trail on the coast with plenty of fascinating American History. Located in Skidaway Island State Park, within the unique maritime forest hugging the wet marshland, you’ll find 3 landmarks of history; The Observation Tower, Prohibition Era Moonshine Stills, and Civil War confederate earthworks.

3.5 Miles Total
49ft Elevation Gain 
Trail Address

For those not used to hiking on the coast, prepare to be amazed as it showcases a harmonious blend of coastal ecosystems. Hikers can expect encounters with diverse wildlife, including birds and marsh inhabitants, as they traverse the well-maintained path.

Big Ferry Loop

3 Historic Landmarks of Big Ferry Loop | The Hiking Trail

Observation Tower

The first historic landmark of the trail is the observation tower which provides hikers with an elevated perspective of the maritime forests, salt marshes, and tidal flats that define the island’s natural beauty. Historically, the area has the original road that led residents to the ferry for Savvanah, GA.

Prohibition Era Moonshine Stills

Shortly after, you’ll reach a sign guiding you through a mini loop that hides the rusted relics of the prohibition-era moonshine stills. Best of all, the stills had axe marks in them since it was police raided at one point.

Confederate Earthworks

The 3rd and final historic landmark of the trail, you’ll find a bridge that crosses over the long stretch of Confederate earthworks. They’re basically a ditch, that never saw battle. While they were created to protect rivers and streams from flanks, the Confederates removed the men of this area in 1862 due to isolation and lack of need to man the areas.

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