Hiking Tallulah Gorge From Suspension Bridge, Overlooks 8, 9, 10 & Hurricane Falls | Pictures & Video Review

The Tullulah River eventually eroded through the Tullulah Dome, creating Tullulah Gorge State Park. Located in the northeastern tip of Georgia in a city called Tullulah Falls, this state park has so much to offer.

It has a suspension bridge crossing over the canyon, a few different trails to choose from, a few waterfalls, and many scenic overlooks across the gorge.

This article reviews the trek from the entrance to the suspension bridge, up through overlooks 8,9, 10, and down to Hurricane Falls.

Video Exploring The Tallulah Gorge Trail To The Suspension Bridge, Overlooks 8,9,10, & Hurricane Falls

As you can see in the video above, this Tullulah Gorge trek is vastly scenic and highly versatile.

Types Of Trails & What To Expect

On this particular Tullulah Gorge journey from the suspension bridge to overlooks 8, 9, 10, and Hurricane Falls; You’ll see that it’s primarily stairs and dirt trail. The stairs are much more difficult than you’d expect. Be sure to take plenty of breaks and closely supervise children.

8 Landmarks On The Tullulah Gorge Trek From The Suspension Bridge, Overlooks 8, 9, 10, And Hurricane Falls

1. Landmark – Overlook 3

At the beginning of the North Rim trail near the visitors center, you’ll quickly encounter the labeled Overlook 3. It overlooks the stunning canyon and a waterfall to the right.

2. Landmark – Overlook 2

Almost instantly after Overlook 3, Overlook 2 awaits and provides a better look at the waterfall.

3. Landmark – Suspension Bridge

One of Tullulah Gorge’s most admirable attractions is the sturdy Suspension Bridge hanging across the gorge above Hurricane Falls.

4. Landmark – Overlook 8

After the suspension bridge staircase, you could either take a left or right. Left takes you to the base of Hurricane Falls, while the right takes you up a massive flight of stairs to the top portion of the Gorge. Once you reach the top after taking a right, hang a left at the dead-end to find Overlooks 8-10. The first overlook is Overlook 8, where you can see Oceana Falls towards the left. It also has benches.

5. Landmark – Overlook 9

Out of every overlook on this trek, Overlook 9 is the best. It provides the best view, has rocks on the hill where you could sit, and is the most spacious.

6. Landmark – Seat In A Cave

Directly after Overlook 9, you’ll find a unique bench underneath a cave. Thus calling it “Seat In A Cave.”

7. Landmark – Overlook 10

Overlook 10 dead ends and isn’t as scenic as the others. Unfortunatly,Overlook 10 dead ends and isn’t as scenic as the others. Unfortunately, the view is partially interrupted by trees. On a positive note, you could see a neat cave dwelled into the other side of the gorge from Overlook 10.

8. Landmark – Hurricane Falls

Maloy from Build The Dream said it best, “The best part about overlook falls is being in the center of the gorge.” After taking the lower level hanging a left after the suspension bridge, the base of Hurricane Falls has a large balcony and benches tucked within the canyon floor.

The Gorge Within Base Of Hurricane Falls

My Final Thoughts On Hiking Tullulah Gorge To Hurricane Falls And Overlooks 8, 9, 10

Overall, Tulluh Gorge is an absolute must-see if you live in the area. While many mountains, waterfalls, and epic trails are scattered throughout Georgia, it’s much more rare to come across an epic Gorge. We highly recommend this hike. However, the stairs are challenging.

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