6 Reasons I Prefer A Sit-On-Top Kayak

Rather than a sit-inside kayak where your legs are trapped within the kayak’s shell, a sit-on-top is exactly what the name states. You basically sit on top of the kayak and your legs are completely free.

But considering a sit-inside kayak generally provides better performance, here are some of the weird reasons I prefer a sit-on-top kayak.

1. They’re More Comfortable

Sit on top of kayaks are much more comfortable. Instead of your legs being claustrophobic in a small shell, they have much more breathing room. And if you’re anything like me on a relaxing paddle, you can even throw your feet off to the side. They’re also wider kayaks giving you more space.

2. Added Stability

Sit-On-Top kayaks are slightly more stable making the trek easier and more relaxing.

3. Don’t Fill Up With Too Much Water

Unlike sit-inside kayaks where they fill up and hold water, sit-on-top kayaks generally release water through the floor holes. Sit-Inside Kayak users often times need a Bilge Hand Pump to remove the built-up water.

4. Fear Of Flipping Upside Down

While many of you might think this is a dumb selling point for a sit-on-top, my guess is some of you watched too many videos of kayakers in a sit-inside kayak flipped under a rapid and got stuck upside down. Thus, sparking fear of kayaking. While it’s incredibly rare to find rapids tough enough to flip you upside down in the first place, a sit-on-top instantly erases that fear. Just be sure to wear a life vest if you’re planning on tackling rapids!

5. Fishing

Sit-On-Top Kayaks are much better for fishing since you have more freedom to move around and the added storage space on top of the boat in hand reach. Many also have integrated fishing rod holders. And in case you catch a big one, the added stability of the sit-on-top is definitely needed.

6. Easier To Get On & Off

This reason isn’t a huge deal but sit-on-top kayaks are much easier to get in and out of. If you’re planning on kayaking a long day with various stops to mini islands, random shores, rope swings, or waterfalls, a sit on top will be more convenient.

Sit-On-Top Kayak

Bottom Line

These are the 6 reasons I prefer a sit on top. I hope this article helps and thank you so much for reading. If you’re still shopping for a sit on top, see the comparison of my 3 affordable kayaks here.

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