Kennesaw Mountain – Historic Trail Review: Pictures & Video

Located between Kennesaw and Marietta lies the infamous Kennesaw mountain. In addition to its sizable hike with a peak elevation of 1,808 feet, it’s also a Civil War Historic Battleground.

Kennesaw mountain provides two different summits. One of them is drivable with an area for parking. However, the other summit is the highest point that can only be reached on foot.

If you want to cut to the chase and watch the full virtual tour of Kennesaw mountain, see the video below!

Kennesaw Mountain Virtual Tour Video

The Trail & What To Expect

Beginning of Kennesaw Mountain’s trail

From the park, you’ll find the trails entrance towards the right of the office building. I also had to pay $5 to park my car for the day.

You can also buy an annual pass for $40. The annual parking pass will be worth it if you’re planning on hiking it more than 8 times per year.

Most of the trail is going to look something like this. It primarily consists of dirt at a moderate incline for most of the way. Considering there aren’t too many rocks or narrow paths, it’s safer to bring kids than most mountain trails. On the journey, I saw many kids with their families, as well.

At times, the trail splits in two directions. Luckily, there’s always a sign pointing towards the mountains peak.

At the beginnings of the trail, you’ll find a mini stream!

Some of the steeper parts provide man-made stepping stairs made of rocks. You wouldn’t find too many rocky obstacles on the trail. Expect a much easier hike compared to Mount Yonah or Blood Mountain!

Along the trail, you’ll find information about the Civil War Historic Battle that took place on the mountain. You’ll see areas marked where different divisions were stationed along with infographic tables.

Not too forget, you’ll also encounter a few sitting benches along the way to take a quick break!

Nearing the summit of the mountain, you’ll find the artillery station. To be honest, these pictures don’t do it justice. You need to visit Kennesaw mountain in person!

Kennesaw Mountain Entrance & Fee

The entrance provides many parking spots. However, each spot costs $5 per day. I paid for my spot in the office building and it only took a few minutes. In case you live close to the area and plan on hiking Kennesaw mountain often, they provide annual parking passes for $40.

How Tall Is Kennesaw Mountain?

The peak elevation of Kennesaw Mountain is 1,808 feet.

How Long Does It Take To Reach The Top?

Without breaks at a normal walking pace, it will take roughly 45 minutes to reach the top of Kennesaw Mountain. In the virtual tour video above, it took me 30 minutes to reach the peak at a fast walking pace.

Between Blood Mountain, Yonah, & Kennesaw Mountain, Which is the hardest?

Of the three, I would say Blood Mountain is the hardest followed by Yonah mountain. Although Kennesaw mountain does provide an excellent workout, it’s definitely the easiest of the three.

Is Kennesaw Mountain Higher Than Stone Mountain?

Kennesaw mountain with a 1,808 foot elevation is slightly taller than Stone mountain’s 1,686 foot elevation. In other words, Kennesaw mountain’s summit is only 122 feet taller than Stone Mountain.

Overall, Is Kennesaw Mountain Worth The Hike?

Considering the historical landmarks, moderate hike, open summit with a great view, and only a $5 parking fee, Kennesaw mountain is absolutely worth the hike. The pictures and videos don’t do it justice. Kennesaw mountain is far better in person!

Life is too short to not go on an adventure!


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