Issaqueena Falls Trail Near Walhalla, SC at Stumphouse Park

Hike North Georgia’s Issaqueena Falls Trail at Stumphouse Park to a 100-foot cascading waterfall named after a native American legend.

0.3 Miles Total
88ft Elevation Gain
Trail Address

Tucked away in the scenic landscapes of South Carolina, the Issaqueena Falls Trail promises an enchanting adventure through lush woodlands to a mesmerizing waterfall. Beyond its natural beauty, this trail carries with it a tale steeped in folklore, providing hikers with not just a physical journey but also a journey into the rich history of the region. Let’s embark on a virtual exploration of Issaqueena Falls Trail, uncovering the secrets behind its enigmatic name.

Issaqueena Falls

The Issaqueena Falls Trail is a picturesque trek located in the heart of the Upstate South Carolina region, near the town of Walhalla. This moderate hiking trail extends approximately 0.5 miles, leading hikers to the captivating Issaqueena Falls, a 100-foot cascade that plunges into a serene pool below.

Issaqueena Falls Trail

The Issaqueena Falls Trail offers a relatively short yet rewarding hike through a wooded canopy. The gentle sound of rushing water becomes a constant companion as hikers approach the falls, heightening the anticipation of the natural spectacle that awaits.

The name “Issaqueena” itself carries echoes of Native American influence and is intertwined with a captivating legend that adds a layer of mystique to the trail. According to local folklore, Issaqueena was a Native American maiden who played a significant role in the history of the area.

The legend tells of Issaqueena, a member of the Cherokee tribe, who fell in love with a warrior from a rival tribe. In an effort to warn her lover’s tribe about an impending attack by her own people, Issaqueena undertook a daring journey. Legend has it that she leaped from a rock now known as “Issaqueena’s Leap” to cross the Chauga River. Miraculously surviving the leap, she delivered the crucial warning, ultimately saving her lover’s tribe.

The trail and waterfall bear the name Issaqueena in homage to this courageous woman from the past. Hikers, as they traverse the trail and witness the falls, become part of the living narrative that pays tribute to Issaqueena’s bravery and the cultural tapestry that weaves through the history of the land.

Hiking trails near Issaqueena Falls

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