How To Add Water Bladder To Hiking Backpack

Rather than stopping to get your water gallon out of your backpack, or running out of water on a long trip with small-size plastic bottles, having your water bladder connected to your hiking backpack is so much more convenient.

If you’re hiking backpack has a dedicated Camelbak water bladder compartment like my 5.11 RUSH12, adding a water bladder is easy and makes your hiking trips so much easier. Not only is it effortless to drink water on the go, but it can also carry a significant amount of water without sacrificing much space from your main compartment.

How To Add A Camelbak Water Bladder To Your Hiking Backpack (5.11 RUSH12)

  1. Fill up and secure water bladder before adding it
  2. Make sure that the main compartment is clear of items
  3. Unzip the backpacks rear compartment (dedicated water bladder compartment)
  4. Add the water bladder in the manner where the hydration hose faces upwards toward the top of the backpack
  5. Put the hose through the bladder pack’s inner hole (Usually located at the top)
  6. Close the water bladder compartment
  7. Open the backpack’s main compartment (Undo the velcro strap if it has it)
  8. Take the hydration hose within the main compartment and feed it through the top hole where the velcro straps were (If there are 2, put it on you’re preferred side)
  9. Feed the hose through each socket you prefer on the backpack’s straps

Once you’re finished give it a test and you’re clear to add whatever items you need for the trip.

Benefits Of Incorporating A Camelbak Into Your Hiking Backpack

As I mentioned earlier, ever since I incorporated a Camelbak into my backpack’s water bladder compartment, my hikes have been so much easier. And with the added convenience, it made my trips even more enjoyable.

Some people only bring a standalone Camelbak for the day’s hikes. But for whichever reason you need to bring extra gear, adding it to your pack is the way to go.

On our hiking trips, I use the main compartment for my drone, water filter, and snake bite ointment. All three of those items still fit without any issues when the rear water bladder is installed and completely full.


Overall, hiking with an installed water bladder makes the trip much easier while allowing you to bring a large amount of water. I hope this article helped. Thank you so much for reading.

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