How The LifeStraw Works | Filters 99.999999% of bacteria In Water

The LifeStraw is a compact water filter that’s used for hiking, kayaking, camping, or survival situations.

So how exactly does it filter just about anything down to 0.2 micron and/or 99.999% of all waterborne bacteria, parasites, microplastics, dirt, and sand?

Inside the LifeStraw are a bunch of hollow fibers. When you drink out of a river or lake, the water travels into the hollow fiber membrane and filters through microscopic pores (miniature straws) at 0.2 micron. Anything above 0.2 micron is trapped within the microscopic straws leaving safe water to drink. 

Below Is A Video That Shows How It Works Along With The Inner Workings Of The LifeStraw

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