Hiking Raven Cliff Falls Trail – Pictures & Video | What To Expect From This Amazing North Georgia Waterfall Hike

Located in White County, Raven Cliff Falls Trail is a moderate trek of 4.9 miles round trip. It’s also dog-friendly and packed with mini waterfalls and rapids along the way. Let alone, the overwhelming majority of the trail borders creek.

Most of the rapids and mini waterfalls are much more vibrant after it rains. Raven Cliff Falls comes from Dodd Creek and is located within the Raven Cliff Wilderness. The trail also provides many mini bridges over ditches. Considering its popularity, the path is relatively populated.

Video Exploring Ravencliff Falls Trail

As you can see in the video above, Raven Cliff Falls Trail has many scenic landmarks along the way.

Types Of Trails & What To Expect

The trail to Raven Cliff Falls is primarily moderate, with various mini bridges over ditches. You’ll also find multiple campsites, some more hidden than others. The path is mostly easy with a few tricky parts, such as log bridges and a narrow alley near a steep drop.

6 Landmarks On Raven Cliff Falls Trail

1. Landmark – Mini Falls

Mini Falls is a small but scenic waterfall with large boulders.

2. Landmark – The Rapids

The rapids are much more prevalent after a good rain. These rapids extend roughly 40-50 yards with openings near the creek.

3. Landmark – Mystical Water

Somehow, when the water from this microscopic waterfall hits the pond, it creates a majestic vibrance within the water. Thus, naming it mystical water. You’ll see it to the left, roughly halfway into the trail, while crossing a wooden log bridge.

4. Landmark – Midway Falls

Midway Falls is a fair-sized waterfall that’s partially hidden from the trail but easily heard. In addition to the scenic falls, the surrounding nature makes a great spot to hang out. You can also get to the top of Midway Falls.

5. Landmark – Big Brother

Big Brother is mainly hidden from the trail and hard to get to. It consists of rapids that lead to a decent-sized waterfall. Near it, you’ll find a ledge with nature-made root seats that overlook the landmark.

6. Landmark – Raven Cliff Falls

Raven Cliff Falls is a unique site to see since it’s both an epic cliff and a pleasant waterfall. You’ll see two separate water streams coming from the top.

My Final Thoughts On Hiking Raven Cliff Falls Trail In North Georgia

Overall, hiking raven cliff falls in north Georgia was a delightful experience. But for me, the journey to the end was more enjoyable than Raven Cliff Falls itself since the landmarks along the way were much better than expected.

Therefore, we highly recommend it, especially if you want to do a sizable trail that’s dog-friendly and has various waterfalls along the way.

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