Hiking Rainbow Falls & Turtleback Falls at Gorges State Park | NC

Hike North Carolina’s Gorges State Park to 4 waterfalls within 2 miles on the Rainbow Falls & Turtleback Falls Trail.

3.9 Miles Total
770 ft Elevation Gain
Trail Address

At Gorges State Park in North Carolina, the trail to Rainbow Falls & Turtleback Falls is a captivating adventure that leads hikers through lush forests to witness the majestic beauty of not one, but two stunning waterfalls.

This scenic trek offers a symphony of natural wonders, from the vibrant hues of Rainbow Falls to the playful allure of Turtleback Falls. Join us on a virtual exploration as we unveil the enchanting journey that awaits those who venture into the heart of Gorges State Park.

Rainbow Falls & Turtleback Falls

This moderate-level hike covers approximately 3 miles roundtrip, guiding hikers along well-maintained paths that traverse a diverse landscape of dense forests, rocky outcrops, and crystal-clear streams.

The first highlight of this dual delight is Rainbow Falls, a cascading masterpiece that plummets over a towering rock face, creating a shimmering curtain of water. Aptly named, Rainbow Falls often graces visitors with prismatic rainbows dancing in the mist on sunny days. As hikers approach the falls, the rhythmic sounds of water echo through the forest, signaling the proximity to this natural spectacle.

Rainbow Falls & Turtleback Falls Trail | Hiking

Continuing along the trail, hikers are treated to the playful allure of Turtleback Falls. This unique waterfall earned its name due to the smooth, turtle-like rock formations that frame the cascade. Unlike traditional waterfalls, Turtleback Falls invites adventurous souls to slide down its sloping surface into a refreshing pool below, creating a sense of joy and excitement for those seeking a more interactive waterfall experience.

As hikers traverse the trail, the surrounding woodlands contribute to the symphony of nature. The rustling of leaves, the babbling of streams, and the occasional bird song create a harmonious backdrop, enhancing the overall sensory experience. Gorges State Park’s diverse ecosystem provides a sanctuary for flora and fauna, adding an element of natural serenity to the hiking journey.

Hiking trails near Rainbow Falls & Turtleback Falls

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