Hiking High Falls State Park | Georgia’s Largest Waterfall South of Atlanta

Hike North Georgia’s Historic & Tranquil Trails Loop at High Falls State Park in Jackson, Georgia. This trail takes you to the largest waterfall in Georgia that’s south of Atlanta called High Falls. You’ll also find ruins of the abandoned Ghost Town along the way including the broken Olde Alabama Bridge, Grist Mill, and the powerhouse.

Miles Total | 4.1
Elevation Gain | 423 ft
Trail Address

High Falls State Park in Monroe County, Georgia, beckons adventurers with a unique blend of natural beauty and historical intrigue. Beyond the well-trodden paths lies a journey that takes hikers from the mesmerizing High Falls waterfall. Not only the largest waterfall in middle Georgia but the largest waterfall in the state south of Atlanta. Then the hike takes you to the remnants of an abandoned city called High Falls, offering a captivating exploration of both Georgia’s scenic landscapes and its rich history.

High Falls State Park

The adventure begins at the trailhead near the High Falls State Park Visitor Center. Setting out on the well-marked path, hikers are quickly immersed in the natural splendor that defines this picturesque park. The sound of rushing water becomes the backdrop as the trail leads to the first highlight: the breathtaking High Falls waterfall.

As you approach the falls, the roar of cascading water grows louder, building anticipation for the stunning sight that awaits. The Towaliga River’s dramatic descent creates a mesmerizing cascade, offering a serene pause in the midst of Georgia’s wooded beauty. Take a moment to soak in the tranquility and capture the beauty of this natural wonder before the journey continues.

High Falls State Park | The Hiking Trail

Leaving the allure of the waterfall behind, the trail now leads hikers on a venture toward a lesser-known but equally compelling destination – the remnants of an abandoned city. Or what I call, the Unluckiest city in Georgia since it also got severely flooded in 1994. In this Ghost town, you’ll find the old bridge and near it, the historic Gristmill. Across the bridge again hugging the river you’ll run into the powerhouse which is truly astounding.

These silent witnesses to the past stand as a testament to the human endeavor that shaped this landscape. Exploring the ruins, you can envision the lives of those who lived and worked in this now-deserted city, creating a poignant connection with Georgia’s industrial heritage.

Hiking trails near High Falls State Park

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