Great Hike Near Greenville, SC | Sulphur Springs Trail at Paris Mountain State Park, SC

Hike South Carolina’s Sulphur Springs Trail at Paris Mountain State Park through fun terrain and many landscape changes.

4.0 Miles Total
688 ft Elevation Gain 
Trail Address

Nestled near Greenville, South Carolina, Sulphur Springs Trail is a gem for hiking enthusiasts seeking a nature-infused adventure. Known for its natural beauty, diverse flora, and serene atmosphere, this trail promises a straightforward yet rewarding journey through the great outdoors and is one of the more difficult trails in the state park.

Sulphur Springs Trail

The trail’s terrain varies from gently rolling hills to moderately challenging inclines, making it suitable for hikers of different skill levels. Sturdy hiking shoes are recommended, and the well-maintained path ensures a comfortable trek through the natural beauty that surrounds Sulphur Springs Trail. Along the way, you’ll find the unique dam below Mountain Lake. (Above Picture)

Sulphur Springs Trail | Hiking

A notable feature along the trail is the presence of sulphur springs, known for their mineral-rich waters. These springs add an extra layer of charm to the hiking experience, providing opportunities for hikers to pause and appreciate the unique geological elements that characterize the area.

You’ll also enjoy the various landscape changes throughout the loop. The first half is more rugged and adventurous terrain primarily hugging the stream and encountering landmarks along the way, after you reach the ridge, the trek turns peaceful and serene but no more landmarks.

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