Easy Travel Idea To Hike & Camp Linville Gorge | 2 Days

As you will see in the video below, one idea to hike and camp at Linville Gorge is to hike the Table Rock trail on this first day to the best 360-degree view of the gorge. Option to hike The Chimneys Trail in the same parking lot. Then camp at the close by Linville Falls Campground RV Parks & Cabins, then hike the next day at Linville Falls Trail to a waterfall within the Gorge!

Linville Gorge Hiking Table Rock

Day 1 | Table Rock Trail (The Chimneys if you have time)

Table Rock is a fun mountain hike. At a certain section on the summit, it provides the very best 360 panoramic view of the entire gorge showing both the notable south and northern ends. But sometimes during the summer, the top is covered with flies, as you’ll see in the video below.

After the hike, you have the option (if you have time) to hike The Chimneys via Mountain Sea Trail since it’s in the same parking lot. Afterward, to save money and increase the adventure, you can camp at the Linville Falls Campground RV Parks & Cabins.

Not a camper? in the heart of the little town is Linville Falls Lodge & Cottages. Inside this lodge is a cabin-like feel that provides a sense of ease after an adventurous day.

Day 2 | Linville Falls

Considering it’s only a 2-day trip and you need to leave at a reasonable time but still want to add another hike, Linville Falls Trail is a great choice for a few reasons. It’s extremely close to the campground or lodge, a very quick but rewarding trek, it gives you an entirely different sense of the gorge since you’re hiking within the gorge rather than atop, has the unique waterfall that gives the town its name, and offers a completely different journey to the hike showcasing more of the areas old growth forest.

Linville Falls has many different overlooks surrounding the waterfall. I’ve been to all of them and think the Plunge Basin overlook is the best. However, if you have a little more time on your hands, you can take the path leading deeper with the gorge that leads all the way up to the waterfall.

See our video of this Linville Gorge Idea

Final Thoughts | Linville Gorge Adventure Idea

There are plenty of hikes in Linville Gorge. If you’re interested in another one in the same parking lot as Table Rock, see the Chimneys here.

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