Can Inflatable SUP Handle Rough Waters & Bumping Rocks (Impact)

Can an inflatable SUP handle rough waters and bumping into rocks? When most people think of an inflatable paddle board, they think that it can pop if you hit rocks or they’re not tough enough to withstand rough waters.

The truth is, not only are inflatable SUPs able to withstand extremely rough water without any issues, but you can also use them for surfing, and they’re also more impact resistant to bumping into rocks than hard boards. Inflatable paddle boards also last longer than standard hard boards since they’re constructed of military-grade material.

Inflatable Paddle Board Impact Resistance & Bumping Into Rocks

Common belief will tell you that inflatables are easy to puncture. While that might be true for inflatable kid floaties, most modern SUP inflatable paddle boards are actually more durable than hard boards. They have extremely impressive impact resistance and are able to take on rocky collisions better than hard boards.

Paddle Boarding On Choppy Water With An Inflatable

It’s harder to SUP on rough water. But not only can an inflatable withstand choppy water with ease, but the enhanced stability of an inflatable might also make it easier to paddle choppy water than a hard board.

Do Inflatable Paddle Boards Last Long?

If you’re still unsure about the overall durability of an inflatable paddleboard compared to a hard board, you’ll be pleased to know that inflatable SUPs have been proven to last longer than a standard hardboard.

Since most inflatables are made of military-grade material and hard boards are made with EPS foam core wrapped with fiberglass layers, hardboards are more vulnerable to damage that require costly repair.

Inflatable SUP Handle Rough Waters

Summary | Inflatable SUP Handle Rough Waters

Contrary to what many non-paddle boarders believe, inflatable paddle boards are better suited to withstand impacts such as bumpy rocks and rough water than a standard hardboard. And even better news, inflatable SUPs are also more affordable.

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