Best Water Shoes Under $30? Why I Use UBFEN Wet Shoes

Unlike regular shoes that hold water, wet shoes (aka water shoes) don’t hold onto water keeping them lightweight while offering protection for your feet and soles.

With that being said, today, I’m going to be reviewing my reliable and budget-friendly UBFEN wet shoes. And it’s also fair to say that they are one of the highest-rated and most popular wet shoe pairs on the market, as well.


Right off the bat, these shoes are unisex and you can get them in just about any size along with a multitude of color options.

The material is stretchy and offers a surprisingly comfortable feel compared to other wet shoes. Along with it being effortless to put on and take off, the adjustable laces make it easy to find your snug fit.

Unlike sandals, crocks, or other wet shoes you’ll find on the market, these are abnormally lightweight and secure to your feet without having to worry about them falling off if your boulder jumping.

Speaking of rock jumping, even though these water shoes are lightweight, you’ll be happy with the mildly tough rubber sole that provides protection from rocks and abrasion, has anti-skid capabilities, and provides enhanced longevity from wear and tear. Even though the sole offers good protection, keep in mind that it’s also bendable.

Drainage & Performance

Considering that wet shoes, in general, don’t hold on to water, the UBFEN can be worn in either wet or non-wet situations. These shoes are breathable and drain extremely quickly after being submerged. I also noticed that they’re impressively quick to dry.

Unlike that annoying feeling of having your regular shoes getting wet and heavy, you don’t feel that annoyingly wet feeling with these at all. And as a side note, you’ll definitely want to go barefoot with these shoes as socks will hold onto water.

What Situations Are Water Shoes Needed?

  • Boats
  • Kayaking
  • SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)
  • Beach (Including In The Ocean)
  • Beach Sports
  • Sailing
  • Pool
  • Fishing
  • Diving
  • Tubing
  • Surfing
  • Rock Jumping In Water
  • Rope Swing Into Water
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Sauna (For The Sweat)
  • Walking in the rain

Downsides – UBFEN Water Shoes

So while we went through the various reasons these are, rightfully so, some of the most popular and highest-rated wet shoes on the market, it also has a few downsides that I noticed in the year of using them.

  • For one, it’s slightly harder to swim with. Even though they’re incredibly lightweight, for a reason that I can’t really explain it feels a bit harder to swim with.
  • Another downside is it’s pretty difficult to remove sand from. When I get home from sandy locations I usually need to clap them around my yard.
  • Some people say they run at a smaller size so they have to size up. However, for me, it was hardly noticeable and nothing to complain about.

Summary | Water Shoes Under $30

Overall, these water shoes are, in my opinion, an incredible bang for the buck and one of the best water shoes you can buy for the budget-friendly price. I highly recommend them. Have a great day!

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