Allatoona Falls | Kayaking The Hidden Waterfall of Woodstock, Georgia

Kayak Woodstock, Georgia’s Little River to Allatoona Falls from Olde Rope Mill Park. This paddle is good for SUP paddle boarders, as well. The river is very still making an enjoyable easy paddle to the hidden waterfall in a cove.

3.2 Miles Total
Connected to Lake Allatoona
Trail Address

Nestled in the heart of Georgia, the calm but unfortunately muddy-looking waters of Little River offer a haven for water enthusiasts seeking a serene escape in an urban area. Embarking on a journey from Olde Rope Mill Park to the mesmerizing Allatoona Falls is not just a paddling adventure; it’s an exploration of still waters, hidden coves, and the interconnected beauty of Little River and Allatoona Lake.

The adventure begins at Olde Rope Mill Park, which serves as the perfect launch point for kayaking and paddleboarding excursions. With its convenient access to the Little River, paddlers can set forth on a waterborne journey that promises both relaxation and discovery.

Allatoona Falls

As you paddle away from the bustling sounds of the park, and past the first bridge, the waters of Little River embrace you with a sense of calm. The stillness of the river creates a reflective surface, mirroring the lush greenery along its banks. Paddlers can enjoy the rhythmic strokes of their paddles.

One of the highlights of this journey is the hidden cove that cradles the waters surrounding Allatoona Falls. The cove offers a peaceful retreat, surrounded by natural beauty and the soothing sounds of nature. Paddlers can navigate the serene waters of the cove, taking in the sights of towering trees and the occasional glimpse of local wildlife.

Allatoona Falls Trail | Kayaking & Paddleboarding to the Waterfall

Approaching Allatoona Falls is a moment of pure enchantment. Cascading down a rocky descent, the falls provide a breathtaking backdrop for kayakers and paddleboarders. Here, others have been seen delighting in the falls and jumping rock—playing, swimming, and reveling in the refreshing mist that envelops the area. The falls create a natural amphitheater, inviting water enthusiasts to enjoy the symphony of rushing water echoing through the surroundings.

Little River is not an isolated waterway; it’s intricately connected to the expansive Allatoona Lake. Paddlers can extend their journey beyond the falls, exploring the broader lake area and reveling in the expansive views it offers. The connection to Allatoona Lake opens up opportunities for further exploration and a deeper connection with the diverse landscapes surrounding the water.

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