5 Best Single-Wall Camping Tents (One Layer)

While single-wall and double-wall tents both have their advantages, camping tents with a single layer might be a better choice depending on your situation. They’re generally more preferable in a moderately cold and dry alpine climate.

However, if you’re planning on camping in a humid or rainy environment, double-walled tents might be a better choice. After extensive research and reviews, we formulated a list of the 5 highest-rated tents with a single layer!

In Short, Here Are The best Single-Wall Tents For The Money

  • Naturehike VIK
  • Night Cat
  • Naturehike Tagar2
  • Weanas

1. Naturehike VIK

First up, the Naturehike VIK is an excellent single-walled tent designed for all 4 seasons. Along with its high reviews amongst users, it’s very reliable, as well.

This tent is super lightweight weighing only 2.34 pounds. With its 15D nylon and PU 2000M coated silicone, the seamed taped rainfly offers great water resistance. On top of that, it has a 20D nylon coated water-resistant 4000mm tent floor.

Not only is it resistant against water, but this tent is also UV 50+ resistant. Another convenient feature is its effortless 5-minute set up. Coming with the purchase, you get a carry bag, as well. It’s designed for one person. Overall, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a single-layered 1-person tent!

Tech Specs & Details

  • Single-Layer
  • Size:  83 x 53 x 41
  • Comes with a Carry Bag
  • Zipper Close
  • UV 50+ Resistant
  • 4000mm Waterproof
  • Construction: 20D nylon plaid fabric & aluminum alloy poles/stakes

2. Night Cat

Coming in either army green, light green, blue, or green/white; the Night Cat is a fantastic option. This single-walled tent is made for either one or two people.

Made of Oxford bottom fabric and 210D PED fabric, it offers impressive resistance from the water. Each seam has waterproof tape, as well. Along with the tent, coming with the purchase is a useful rainfly and a carry bag.

A very useful feature worth mentioning is its resistance to wind. With dual mesh doors and windows, it provides great ventilation. This tent is dependable for relatively cold environments down to 40F. In addition to its massive popularity, it’s highly rated and customer-reviewed. We highly recommend it!

Tech Specs & Details

  • Single-Layer
  • Size: 86.61 x 47.24 x 47.24
  • Waterproof
  • Construction: 210D Oxford fabric
  • Dual Mesh Windows


Even though the CMARTE isn’t the highest-rated on the market, this single-walled tent is still notable. It has PU2000mm water-resistant materials. However, it’s only able to withstand light rain.

We primarily recommend this tent for spring, summer, and fall as it’s not suitable for winter. Designed for two people, it’s relatively spacious. The dimensions are 82.6 inches x 55.1 inches x 47.2. Be sure to check out the reviews below!

Tech Specs & Details

  • Single-Layer
  • Size: 82.6 inches x 55.1 inches x 47.2
  • 2000mm Waterproof
  • Breathable mosquito nets

4. Naturehike Tagar2

Here is yet another outstanding camping tent with a single layer. There are a plethora of reasons why we love the Naturehike Tagar2. For one, it provides excellent UV resistance.

It also offers robust construction with its 7001 aviation aluminum alloy and 20D silicone coating nylon. You’ll also appreciate its PU4000mm waterproof material. This tent is made for 2 people and we believe it’s a dependable choice!

Tech Specs & Details

  • Single-Layer
  • UV-Resistant
  • 2-Person Capacity
  • Construction: aluminum poles & breathable 20D silicone coating nylon

5. Weanas

Last but not least, the Weanas is an exceptional single-layered tent. Constructed for up to two adults, it offers adequate space at 86.4 x 51.1 x 41.2 inches.

It has a 190T polyester PU3000MM coating for great water-resistant capabilities. It’s also highly-rated among customers. For the reasonable price, we highly recommend it!

Quick Recap

Here Are The best Single-Layered Camping Tents You Can Buy Online

  • Naturehike VIK
  • Night Cat
  • Naturehike Tagar2
  • Weanas

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