10 Best 3-Person Towable Tubes: Adults, Teens, or Kids

It doesn’t matter what age you are, what you do for a living, what you believe, or how much money you make; Tubing on the lake is exhilarating for everyone.

Come to think of it, I don’t even know a single person who doesn’t thoroughly enjoy tubing. That’s why it’s always best to bring the family and friends for the tubing day. Some people think a 2-person tube is too little. Others believe 4-person tubes are too big. Nonetheless, many of us believe 3-person towable tubes are just right.

For whichever reason you’re in the market for a three-person boat tube, you’ve come to the right place. We formulated a list of the 10 highest-rated options. Regardless of your size preference, budget, or style of choice; you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for below!

In Short, Here Are The Best Three-Person Towable Boat Tubes For Tubing

  • WOW Watersports
  • Airhead Switch Back
  • Airhead G-Force
  • Wow World of Watersports Big Bubba
  • Patriot Towable Chariot
  • Airhead Super Slice
  • WOW World of Watersports Macho Towable
  • Airhead Turbo
  • WOW Sports Max
  • Comfort Shell

1. WOW Watersports

First up, the WOW Watersports towable tube holds up to three people. It has an integrated speed valve for rapid deflation and inflation. You’ll also enjoy its robust construction, various size options, and high reviews amongst users!

Users Say: “Big, room for 3 kids, durable, fun, at the end of our 2nd season, fading a bit in color but Florida sun is no joke. For the price, this is the best buy out there.”

2. Airhead Switch Back (3 Adults)


Even though this tube is customized to fit up to four kids, it effortlessly fits three adults of roughly any size. Two of the adults can sit comfortably and have access to a variety of handles. One of them can kneel in the back.

Users Say:Excellent purchase for the summer! Kids (and adults) had a blast every time. Three kids seating in the front (8 years old and under) and two adults in the back (on their knees) riding wildly. Highly recommend!!!

3. Airhead G-Force

Users Say:Love this tube. Easily fits three people. It is well constructed and fills with air quickly and is easy to deflate. Great purchase.”

4. Wow World of Watersports Big Bubba

Next up, the Wow World of Watersports Big Bubba is an exceptional 3-person tube. With a maximum weight capacity of 510 pounds, you’ll be amazed by its impressive quality of construction. It offers six handles, a speed valve, and EVA foam seats.

Users Say:This is a great tube we take a lot of family and friends and when you can take 4 at a time you can save a lot of time and fuel. With front and back hookups it’s like having two

5. Patriot Towable Chariot

This patriotic towable tube is a splendid option. Not only does it have a glamourous style, but the Patriot Towable Chariot is reversible, as well. When riding on the standard side, three people can comfortably sit with the backrest. On the flip side, you must kneel while holding the handlebars. It has an outstanding build quality, as well.

Users Say: “This towable is super fun, very stable, and comfortable. It is large but very comfortable for two full-sized adults. Works great as a beach couch as well when not being towed. Rugged material leading me to believe it will hold up very well. Inflating is easy with the proper blower. Goes up quickly. Highly recommend it.”

6. Airhead Super Slice

Next in the lineup, the Airhead Super Slice is an outstanding tube suitable for two adults or three teens. However, you can squeeze three adults if you wish. There are a plethora of reasons why we love it.

This tube comes with Airhead’s state-of-the-art kwik connect, possesses six padded handles, covered with comfortable EVA padding, constructed with a rigid 30-gauge virgin PVC bladder, and has neoprene knuckle guards. This tube is immensely durable and able to withstand vigorous conditions continuously without issues.

Users Say:I use this behind my 3 seat wave runner. We had two adults on the runner and three adults on this tube. It was a bit tight, but we had a blast all summer. Fits two 220 lbs, adults, just fine and can even get a third if they are smaller framed. Love it.

7. WOW World of Watersports Macho Towable

The WOW World of Watersports Macho Towable is a splendid 3-person towable tube with an enhanced 510 weight limit. Right off the bat, you’ll be pleased with its spacious size of 98″ x 68″. This tube is very durable made with a tough PVC bladder, covered with nylon,  and provides 12 double webbings.

Along with its spectacular construction, another positive characteristic is the integrated speed valve for elementary inflation and deflation. With moderate popularity and high reviews amongst customers, it’s surely a top contender!

Users Say: “All I can say is this tube is a lot of fun I have the 3 person tube. My boat has no problem pulling this tube with 190HP 4.3L V6 Volvo Panta. Mostly use it with 2 people but do put 3 on also. My only complaint is the stitching in a couple of the handles is coming unstitched. The other issue I have with the tube is the cockpit design when sitting in it there is no bottom support so when moving through the water it hits your bottom and does irritate after a while. People in past reviews have said water gets into the tube. Water does not get into the tube itself it does in fact get into the yellow nylon this tube has the rubber inflatable tube with a nylon armer I will call it with the handles stitched to it. Also needs to have a good air pump to pump it up. Overall I would recommend it. It’s a lot of fun.”

8. Airhead Turbo

Coming in at 81″ x 107″, the Airhead Turbo is a unique towable tube with three seats. It’s triangular-shaped with two seats in the rear and one in the front center. Along with the convenient speed safety valve, you’ll appreciate the included Kwik connect, as well. Another beneficial attribute worth mentioning is the tough partial nylon cover.

Users Say: “Used it this summer and it seems well made and sturdy. The kids had a blast. Good for smaller kids that can sit inside the holes. A little smaller than ones we’ve had in the past, but I guess for the price that is to be expected. We can still get three small kids on it. Or even one big kid or adult and two small kids.”

9. WOW Sports Max

With reversible capabilities, the WOW Sports Max is yet another astounding 3-person tube. Providing ample space at 74″ x 70″ x 27.5″, it’s suitable for larger adults, as well. However, we recommend two larger adults for this size.

The water performance is excellent and overperforms many towable tubes of this style. When it’s all said and done, this tube is highly dependable and makes an incredible day on the lake!

Users Say: “I purchased this for my three teenage kids. At first, they didn’t think they would like it but after trying it, they now say it is their absolute favorite! We have used it for about a year and had a slight issue with a seam. I contacted the company and they responded very quickly. Excellent customer service! I will be purchasing from them for years to come!”

10. Comfort Shell

3-Person Towable Tubes

Coming in three different sizes, you can get the Comfort Shell for two, three, or four riders adult riders. But keep in mind, the linked version is optimized for three people. Nonetheless, it has a sturdy quality of construction with a 30-gauge RF welded PVC bladder, a splendid appearance, and comes with a kwik-connect.

Users Say: “I researched tubes for a couple of months before finally decided on this one. We LOVE it! We have used it many times already and it is perfect for my teenagers! The 3 person tube would definitely give you more room even if only two people were using it, but we are still happy with our purchase.”

Quick Recap

Here Are The Best Towable Boating Tubes For 3 People

  • Airhead Switch Back
  • WOW Watersports
  • Airhead G-Force
  • Wow World of Watersports Big Bubba
  • Patriot Towable Chariot
  • Airhead Super Slice
  • WOW World of Watersports Macho Towable
  • Airhead Turbo
  • WOW Sports Max
  • Comfort Shell

How much does a boating tube cost?

With a few exceptions, most towable tubes generally cost anywhere between $165 – $370.

How many people can a boating towable tube fit?

While most towable tubes comfortably fit two adults, there are many single-person tubes and tubes designed for up to 4 people.

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